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Home for the Hungry


Home for the Hungry is a non-profit 501c organization who specializes in the redirection of at risk youth and helping the community in whatever the are "hungry" or in need of. We work with children in low-income areas to help them reach their full potential by identifying strengths and weaknesses and providing creative ways to improve.  Fighting hunger is the foundation of a child’s success. We also offer additional services within the community by offering virtual classes which are also essential:  Finances/Budget, Food Distribution, Resume Help, Job Assistance, Family Ties, Food/Clothing Drives, Home Assistance Training, and so much more. 






We believe it is our duty to ensure every child has the foundation needed to obtain their full potential. Ensuring our youth have nutritious meals are our #1 priority as we partner with At Risk Centers to sponsor programs such as CACFP.  We also are pillars of the community and must ensure we all do our part in helping to build solid community ties and foundation help for those in need of food, shelter, medical help, training, jobs, etc. 

Together we can make a difference!!


PO Box 928

Indian Trail, NC 28079

(Ph) 704.668.9139


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